Master None

by Elkbellows

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(free) 03:33


released 18 September 2011
Cover photo by Christopher Lubinski.

Mike O'Malley: Lead vocals, Piano, Bouzouki, Bass Guitar, Drums, Accordion
Randy Seals: Drums and Percussion on tracks 1, 2 and 4, vocals on 2 and 4
Ben Singer: Guitar on 3, trombone on track 5
Josh Lovings: Trumpet on track 6
James Marshall Owen: Vocals on track 2, 7
DC Carter: Vocals on track 7

Music and Lyrics by Mike O'Malley, except #7 (irish traditional)
Recorded and Mixed By Randy Seals, Ben Singer, and David "Driveway" Moore.
Mastered by Ben Singer



all rights reserved


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Track Name: To Kill Time
There's a thing in the back of my throat
due to smoking, that's the answer
but right now it's anyone's guess what that means
likely due to a cold, or esophageal cancer
but (tick tick tick tick) I'll likely know in a week

Now there's a lot that messes me up
and a lot makes me deserve it
there's a lot that makes me feel older than I am
a lot that gives me pause
a lot of things they make me nervous, lord
but (tick tick tick tick) none so insistent and bleak

As time
I'm sure there'd be no clocks around if no one died
Time - it's running up the wall
it shakes my bones apart
when it all runs out I'm gonna be fucked
if I can't take the following to heart -

Laugh at the angry trees
Wink at the doubting sky
Dance to the bells though they toll for thee
and know that it's a small thing to die

There's a man in the back of the bar
and he's eating all the pretzels
and he's also doing the backstroke in your beer
and when you walk to your car
there's a curious noise behind you
it goes tick tick tick tick
it's just a cellphone you hear

and so you make your cautious way home
knowing that there's something missing
but a look around confirms the opposite fear
everything's in its place plus this grinning creep beside you in the pass en ger seat

My name is time
Last call comes to one and all
drink up
cash out
Forgive my brevity
I've got somewhere to be
so quiet your chattering teeth
buck the fuck up and hand me over the keys

So you quickly weigh your options
you decide to fake him out
you take aim at the guardrail, gun the engine
and roll out
and you watch your malefactor careen into space
and you toss back your head
and spit straight in god's face

Laugh at the angry trees
wink at the doubting sky
dance to the bells though they toll for thee
and know there's more than one way
to kill time.
Track Name: Where Did The World Go
Where did the world go
I left it right over here
Cursed be the tendency
of things you love to disappear
Where did the world go
She's 40 miles down the road
To give chase now would only speed her
further from my arms, I'm told.

It's a shame, what a shame
trading blows all to gild the frame
that snakes its way 'round our 8x10
there's no movement here
where did the world go
it sure as hell isn't here

I was out walking
in lieu of something to do
and suddenly my reverie
was irreparably rent in two
two golden columns
and, in between, not the road
but life beyond the mantelpiece
a crueler joke was never told


I just quit smoking
for the third time this year
out goes one more candle held
just underneath my doubt and fear
O mother charlotte
what were you raising us for
for I now choke on your good name
and spit its bones across the floor
Track Name: The Sky Cracks
Somewhere in your casing
A sober, lacquered box
There sleeps uncovered wiring
to rack your frame with shocks

somewhere in your diction
a layered, glittering maze
a pent-up, aching, shuddering slur
escapes you in a daze

And somewhere in your brain or teeth or mouth or neck or bones
My name waits to bathe on your tongue
Dissolving in a moan
and somewhere in our hangups
in yours or maybe mine
an aching cloud extends its shroud
worry turns to wine

Somewhere in your closet
where you keep your shells
the thing in which they'll bury you
will bury me as well

somewhere in the river
light despite the deep
the severed heads of heretics
they sing us both to sleep


the sky cracks!
the ocean glows!
all jet black!
I want you so!

the sun blinks!
the oceans spill!
the trees sink!
I want you still!

The sky cracks!!
the ocean glows!
all jet black!
I want you so!
Track Name: Hot Bullshit
Alright, assholes, I'll do this your way:
Some stomp floor
Some Four-Four
and some chords that're easy to play
I won't pretend to understand
but if keeps me in the band
sign me up, motherfucker
I don't know what else to do

and I'll pretend that your fart jokes are loads of fun
that fag's a funny word
that I really like Neil Young
That women ain't folks with stories
so much as cum depositories
and I won't be me
but a little bit of all of you

and I'll play like I don't like to play with girls
but to play for one is a guarantee to be hilt-deep in their curls
and I'll play the charming nerd
and pick the weakest off the herd
and I won't be me but a little bit of all of you

Some men won't change like you need 'em

And I'll pretend to be a paragon of truth
A noble, earnest judge
Messianic in my youth
A family man
A bigoted git
Filled top to toe with hot bullshit
And I'll stink, motherfucker,
Like a little bit of all of you

And I'll wear me a pristine, world-weary frown
And I'll blame that shit on everyone and anyone around
and I'll section off the styles
shaving meters off our miles
I gotta look cool
like a little bit of all of you


And I'll make a bunch of rules you're bound to break
And I'll wear a princely frown each time my castle starts to shake

Lord: don't suffer the impure
They're all just immature

A lot like me
and a lot like all of you